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Cake Toppers are defining elements today in the celebration of literally any occasion. These small handcrafted, unique and personalised ornaments tell their own story, giving each occasion a special and unforgettable touch. They help define and add personality to that occasion.

At Creative Cake Toppers we create, produce and sell high quality unique sugar craft creations and designs to suit you, the customer, your needs and requirements, that can be used to decorate any type of cake for any type of occasion e.g. birthdays, christenings, weddings, anniversaries, retirement, business, sport achievements and much, much more.

Cake Toppers – History and Tradition

Delving into the history, tradition or origins of Cake Toppers is a little bit murky but there does seem to be one common opinion. While the exact origins are not recorded, one legend dates the tradition back at least 100 years whilst another dates the tradition of Cake Toppers as far back as the Roman Empire.

The one common story that can be unearthed is that of a baker, whose daughter was getting married around the year 1901. The bride to be wanted a symbol which would best describe what she believed her intended marriage represented - a token of the love she and her husband to be, felt for each other - a declaration of their love, for the entire world to see.

After due and considerable consideration, her father the baker, came up with an idea but would not reveal it to his daughter until the actual wedding day itself, a personal gift from father to daughter on her special day.

On the day, as she and her new husband entered the reception venue, on the main table was a beautiful white layered wedding cake and proudly sitting atop of the cake was a miniature, figurine, hand crafted model couple, dressed in wedding attire. The father explained that the model symbolised the couple, the love that they shared for each other and the sweetness that would always be their life.

Hence, or as the story goes, the wedding Cake Topper was born.

Cake Toppers into the Modern Age

Into the 1950’s wedding Cake Toppers had become extremely popular and a must have for the special day, representing a common theme of togetherness and love for the happy couple. In the intervening years Cake Toppers have continued to be popular among wedding couples and demand and popularity has seen them enter the market for all occasions from christenings to birthdays and retirement parties to anniversaries. In fact any occasion, which can warrant a celebratory cake, now seems to be accompanied by a personalised Cake Topper, developing the modern day Cake Topper market into a major industry.

Types and Variations of Personalised Cake Toppers

Personalised Cake Toppers add so much fun, excitement, uniqueness and personality to any cake for any occassion. At Creative Cake Toppers the variety of custom and personalised cake toppers we have created is simply astounding. They have come in every theme, shape, size and colour imaginable. Please take a while to browse through our website and take a look at the selection of some of the edible Cake Toppers we have created and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any help with the design of your Cake Topper.

If you have the perfect idea for a Cake Topper but can’t quiet find a ready made model to fit your idea, then you have come to the right place. We can make all and every kind of Cake Toppers. We are ready to bring your ideas to fruition, providing you with a quality service, second to none and ensuring your complete satisfaction, helping make your occasion even more special, memorable, personal, unique and fun. We would also be happy to decorate and or bake your cake, for you if needed. For any kind of event or occasion, Creative Cake Toppers are ready and able to give you the Cake Topper of your choice.

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